How to insert Labels

This blog contains information and statistics about books, research papers, and research methods, as well as guidance on quantitative and qualitative research, and articles about Pakistan's economy and diverse sectors. Pakistan's political economy is covered in depth. Software and an integrated development environment (IDE) were used to examine the data. R, RStudio, SPSS, EViews, and Mplus are among the examples.

Research and Review's blog address is post is about adding Labels, just created to show pages on this blog. 


Following are broader categories of this blog, which is known as labels in blogger,

  1. Economics
  2. Finance
  3. Fun
  4. Info
  5. Paki Bankers & Economist
  6. Personal Finance
  7. Quantitative Methods
  8. Research Papers
  9. Review

Step by Step labeling your post

Although categorizing posts on Blogger is quite straightforward, it is sometimes ignored or misapplied.

Your blog will be more organized if you categorize your entries, making it easier for viewers to find what they're looking for.

Labels are the term used for categories on Blogger. Every time you create a post, you have the choice of adding labels in the post editor on the right.

It's a popular fallacy that tags, categories, and labels have SEO significance and that including keywords in the labels will increase blog visibility.

Labels don't truly affect SEO, as I mentioned in my piece on SEO misconceptions. They help readers find posts by organizing your material.

Because of this, it's crucial to carefully consider the labels you apply. For instance, I came up with six key subjects I would cover for this blog before starting it, and I organized them into categories to assist visitors to find posts.

Start  and open "Layout"

Make a list of the labels you want to see on your blog or website. For instance, because my blog focuses on finance and economics, I generated the following labels and sub-labels in the way described below.

How to insert Labels
How to insert Labels

Notice that next to "Home" there is the main label, "Contact US" and its sub-label is “Contact US”. I made a page on Contact US” and the URL of the blog is, therefore, I added this part to the URL to make it seem like Pages with continuous content, like "About" or "Contact," can be created. Pages may appear as links on the side or as tabs at the top of your blog. Since the page only contains information once about this blog; hence it is written in this way.

Labels in the Blog

Next, I created the label “Research” and sub-labels Research papers, Reviews, Economics and sub-labels Write up, Quantitative Methods, Paki Bankers & Economist, here you notice after URL blogger require to add “search/label/Economics”, “search/label/Quantitative-methods”, “search/label/Paki-Bankers-&-Economist” and so on. It means whenever you create a post – you have to label it into the proper category.


Whenever you write an article for your blog, you have to place it into a proper category (label) such as I wrote an article on the Trade deficit of Pakistan since this topic relates to Economics, therefore, I placed it under the label “Economic”.
Labeling the post
Labeling the post

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