Blue-Chip Companies listed on Pakistan Stock Market

The top 25 blue chip businesses listed on kse 100 index companies list are those that satisfy the PSX's requirements. These companies are chosen for the Top 25 Companies listed on the PSX Awards list in 2019 in order of performance ranking. 

Following are the top 25 blue chip companies that meet the criteria set by the PSX and listed on kse 100 index companies list are ranked as the top 25 blue chip companies for the year 2019.
In order of performance ranking, the following firms made the Top 25 Companies Awards list in 2019: 
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Top 25 PSX-listed Companies in Historical Context

  • Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited, 
  • Nestle Pakistan Limited 
  • Lucky Cement Limited 
  • Habib Bank Limited 
  • Archroma Pakistan Limited
  • Engro Fertilizers Limited, 
  • Security Papers Limited, 
  • Bank AL Habib Limited, 
  • United Bank Limited, 
  • Colgate-Palmolive (Pakistan) Limited
  • Mari Petroleum Company Limited 
  • Attock Petroleum Limited, 
  • Dawood Hercules Corporation Limited, 
  • Pakistan Oilfields Limited 
  • Bata Pakistan Limited 
  • International Industries Limited, 
  • MCB Bank Limited, 
  • International Industries Limited, 
  • International Steels Limited
  • Agriautos Industries Limited, 
  • EFU General Insurance Limited, 
  • Engro Corporation Limited 
  • ZIL Limited, 
  • AGP Limited, 
  • and Gadoon Textile Mills 

Pakistan Stock Exchange

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Capital Efficiency (20.5 percent mark), Dividend Distribution including Bonus (20 percent mark), Growth in Operating Revenue (6 percent marks), Change in EBITDA Margin (6 percent mark), Free float of Shares (10 percent mark), Turnover of Shares (2.5 percent marks), Corporate Governance & Investor Relationships (2.5 percent marks) were the criteria used to award marks to companies in 2019. (35 percent marks).

You may wish to consider the following factors listed on kse 100 index companies list before you choose the businesses you want to invest in:

  • The companies' financials and underlying principles

  • The quantity of trading on the stock market

  • The current share price.

  • P/E ratios, or price-to-earnings ratios

  • A share's earnings (EPS)

  • Are the indexes in which the listed companies blue-chip KSE 100 Index companies?

  • The sums that businesses pay out annually

  • The companies' performance in their industries and sectors

Some of the recommendations listed above can help you choose the businesses you want to invest in.

Complete year-by-year (2001-21) rating of top-tier firms, TOP 25 COMPANIES LISTED ON PSX listed on kse 100 index companies list, and same is available on the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited website.

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