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Data Source

The World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS) was developed by the World Bank in collaboration with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and in consultation with organizations such as the International Trade Center, the United Nations Statistical Division (UNSD), and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

WITS allows users to access trade, tariff, and non-tariff data in a variety of ways. It is divided into the following sections.

Stats on Trade: Indicators of trade, tariffs, non-tariff, and development in a nutshell

Databases derived from official data sources are known as analytical databases. The Global Preferential Trade Access Database (GPTAD) is a database that contains information about preferential trade agreements around the world. Look at various preferential trade agreements.

Application for WITS: Using the underlying trade and tariff data, create your own trade statistics and indicators. The software also includes capabilities for simulating single and multi-market tariff cuts.

Use Trade Stats to obtain summary trade and tariff-related information without having to execute a query. Key information that can be obtained include:

  •  Top importing and exporting countries
  •  Top products that are exported and imported by countries
  •  Tariffs imposed by countries for merchandise trade
  •  Trade indicators, such as Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA), World Growth, Country growth, and others
  •  Top export and import partners for countries
  •  Top products exported by countries
  •  Development Indicators such as GDP, GNI per capita, Trade balance as a percentage of GDP and others

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