Video lecture of Economics by Dr. Syed Tehseen Jawaid

lecture of Economics

It is impossible to grasp economics without the assistance of a skilled teacher because economics is a highly conceptual discipline. Without knowledge of economics, we are unable to respond to or comprehend several crucial topics that affect our daily lives. We have compiled a list of essential questions that can only be addressed by a grasp of economics. Today, it's relatively simple to locate economics courses on YouTube, but it can be challenging to determine the teacher's qualifications. For this reason, we suggest Dr. Tehseen Jawaid's lecture of the Economics series in Urdu, which covers nearly all microeconomics topics.

Issues in Economics

There are several issues surrounding the economy that can intrigue your interest. Why is it so difficult to locate an apartment in New York City? Why do airlines give discounts for round-trip tickets if the passenger stays an extra night on a Saturday? Why does Emma Stone receive such high star salaries? Why are the living conditions in many African nations so poor? Why do certain nations experience high inflation rates while others experience stable prices? Why is it easier to find a job some years and harder other years? These are just a handful of the queries that an economics course might assist you in answering. In these videos relating to the lecture of Economics will answer all these questions.

The series in the lecture of Economics

This lecture of the Economics series, which covers almost all microeconomics issues, is available in Urdu. You can see the videos that Dr. Tehseen Jawaid has masterfully prepared for his Economics course by simply placing your cursor over the needed subject and clicking. 

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You make a lot of financial decisions throughout your daily activities. You get to choose how many years you want to spend in school while you're a student. You make decisions about how much of your money to spend, how much to save, and how to invest your savings as soon as you start a job. You may one day be in charge of a little or large organization, and you will choose the pricing to charge for your goods. Your perspective on how to make these decisions will change as a result of the revelations made in the ensuing chapters. Even if studying economics won't make you rich on its own, it will provide you certain tools that could be useful. Lecture of economics videos will help you grasp the complex topics in microeconomics.

Government officials at mayors' offices, governors' mansions, and the White House are always thinking about economic issues. What are the costs incurred by various taxes methods? What results from free trade with other nations? Which environmental protection strategy works the best? What impact does a budget deficit have on the economy? As a voter, you have a voice in the policies that determine how society's resources are distributed. You can fulfil that responsibility better if you have a basic understanding of economics. Who knows, maybe you'll become one of those policymakers yourself eventually. You will find the detail explanation of these topics in videos relating to lecture of Economics will answer all these questions.

Video lecture of Economics by Dr. Syed Tehseen Jawaid

The fact that all textbooks and reference materials are published in English is a problem that every student encounters when trying to learn and master economics. It might be very challenging for kids whose first language is not English to understand complicated topics. Dr. Syed Tehseen Jawaid, is currently an Associate Professor (FMS) and the Director of the Salim Habib University's Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Dr. Tehseen is extremely knowledgeable about all facets of economics, econometrics, and quantitative research techniques. He was a very good instructor who was endowed with the ability to explain difficult mathematics and economic ideas in Urdu and Hindi. He prepared videos relating to lectures of Economics in an excellent manner. See credentials of Dr. Tehseen Jawaid, 👎

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